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A2O Traffic

Traffic Equipment Hire

A2O Traffic Solutions has a large fleet of traffic equipment for anything you require. The fleet includes the following equipment:

  • Trailable portable traffic lights
  • Estop traffic lights PTTSS
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Water filled barriers
  • VMS utes
  • MUTCD approved signage and delineators
  • Lighting Towers
  • Temporary fencing

We have the ability to supply additional item as demand dictates. All A2O Traffic equipment is cleaned and maintained to the highest level to ensure your site is not only compliant but looks great too.

VMS Boards

Variable Message Sign (VMS)

All A2O Traffic VMS have GPS technologies, which means we can schedule or change any message at any time anywhere.

Our impressive fleet of VMS all meet the Australian Standards and with our diligent maintenance we can ensure consistent performance across our fleet.

Traffic Management Vehicle

Traffic Management Vehicle

95 Traffic Management Vehicles with the following inclusion

  • fully compliant signage to the Australian standard 
  • Flashing Beacons
  • UHF Radios
  • First aid and snake bite kits
  • Bull bars
  • Standard safety features


Variable Message Sign Utes 

With our fleet of VMS utes we can instantly change the message to suite your working environment. These are tailored to fast pace works such as line marking, however they are great to have a visual impact on motorist to ensure the safety of your team. All VMS utes also come with sufficient signage and equipment for any size project.

Portable Traffic Signal System (PTSS) Type 1

Type 1 Portable Traffic Signal Systems (PTSS) were introduced in the November 2016
Supplement to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Part 3: Works on roads
These devices provide a number of benefits:
• significant workplace health and safety improvements (as well as being out of
harm’s way, traffic controllers can locate themselves in the shade, where it is
cooler and they have reduced skin cancer risk)
• in many situations, ability to manage traffic with one less traffic controller
• lower cost and ease of installation and operation, when compared with Type 2

Portable Traffic Lights PTL2

PTL2 Trailer Mounted Traffic Lights

The portable traffic lights can be used in multiple formats and variations, from pedestrian crossings to 3 and 4-way operation. Fully solar powered, these traffic lights can be fitted out with our solar camera for traffic management.

Lighting Towers

Our towable lighting towers provide you with all the light you need to carry out your works in low light or nighttime conditions.

Our lighting towers are easy to tow, position and erect. They include platform stabilizers and hydraulic lift operation for elevated and directional illumination.

Water Filled Barriers

A temporary Water filled barrier Crash tested - meets Australian and NZ Standard (ANZS) 3845

A traffic rated water filled plastic barrier used for roadworks and traffic management. These water filled barriers allow an impacting vehicle to be stopped, contained or re-directed in a safe and predictable manner.

Temporary Fencing

We provide a wide range of temporary fencing solutions to suit every event, worksite or workplace.

Full delivery, installation, maintenance and recovery can be provided. Contact our team to discuss your needs